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 palm efb fibre

In crude palm oil mill, FFB (Fresh Fruit Bunch) is received and send for crude palm oil process.  After the bunch sterilization process, the palm oil bunch will go through a Fruit Detachment whereby the threshing process applied in order to separate between sterilized palm fruit and EFB bunch (Empty Fruit Bunch)

Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) is originally in raw form and is further processed into shredded form. The shredding process slices EFB into a smaller and loose structure, which is easier for making bio-fuel, either burning directly in the boiler or further processed to EFB pellets or Briquettes.

Drum chipper shredder, with 4-5 flying knives, the special cutting angle between flying knife and bottom knife, is considered as most economic, and efficient shredding machine for turning EFB into the short fiber. We design and fabricate the drum chipper shredder. A lot of improvements have been taken to suit users from different countries. I.e. in Malaysia, the power supply is 415V 50HZ, people have got used to machine soft start, while in China, it is 380V 50HZ, and the machine start method is star delta.


Video of EFB Drum Chipper Shredder