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Biomass Turn-key Pellet Plant, such as wood, straw, and palm EFB Pellet plant is always made up such pre-treatment equipment like shredder or chipper, crusher or hammer mills, and moisture reducing equipment like a dryer, together with pellet mill, pellet cooler and separator, pellets packing machine.

How to choose the types of each machine? We will help you to sort out the best machine for your production, but first of all, we need to understand the basic information before providing you an outline price and specification of the pellet line.

1. What type of raw material you are expecting to process
2. How many different ingredients are to be processed together
3. Whether your material is "dry", moisture content 12-15%
4. Whether the size of your raw material is less than 4mm in diameter
5. What output per hour is required for the pellet line
6. The standards of your electricity. ie 380V/440V/415V/220V, 50HZ/60HZ. Because the electric elements made in China are 380V/50HZ, we must supply a different element to match your electricity standards.

We will supply a tailor-made proposal based on your basic information. We can install your entire plant from the ground up or we can help you pick and choose what parts we will do and what parts you can do yourself to help keep costs down. Our years of experience can help us the size and design of your system to work right. Also, we have some sample pellet lines for your consideration.

Production line for wood pellets, straw pellets, with output 2000kgs per hour
Production line for oil palm EFB pellets, with output 1500-2000kgs per hour.

These are simplified and semi-automatic pellet lines, high efficient, and less investment.

Delivery and package

The wood/biomass pellet line will be ready for delivery in 45 days upon the buyer's confirmed purchase order and down payment. Considering the long-distance and long time of ocean shipping, we will ask the container to load the equipment in our factory to avoid rude handling in the port. Package material will be strong plywood cases and iron cases.

Commissioning of the plant and training will be at your cost.

Biomass pelletizing machinery for Recycling biomass wastes like wood chips, straws to Produce Energy. Machinery to make pellets from sawdust and palm EFB fibers, straw fibers and etc. A moisture meter is helpful for you to understand the moisture content of your raw material.

Please click the pictures below to see the details of each pellet line.