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BX Series Drum Chipper


BX2- Series drum wood chipper, was introduced to China in the 1990S' from German, it still keeps the same design and quality level but made in China. Robust and heavy-duty, with a more competitive price.

The drum chipper is made up of a machine base, knife rotor, upper and down feeding roller, hydraulic system, and electric control system.


  • Panelboards (PB, MDF, OSB)
  • Pellets and briquettes
  • Pulp and paper

Technical features:

  • Aggressively shaped feeding
  • Detachable feeding roller and hydraulically operated stator knife holder.
  • Wear plates under the rotor knives
  • Counter knife screw-fastened, grindable and turnable.
  • Annealing of chipper base and rotor, relieving welding stress, solid and non-deformed.
  • A numerical control machine tool is adopted for overall processing to ensure high precision and dynamic balance test of rotating parts.
  • The wear-resistant refraction grid is individually perforated.

Users' Benefits:

  • Free choice of wood assortment: round wood, log ends, slabs and offcuts, veneer residues, or wasted wood.
  • Constant high chip quality
  • Energy-efficient size-reduction
  • Easy to replace the feeding roller
  • Easy to replace the bottom knife with a hydraulic system

Drum chipper is the tried-and-trusted solution for the production of high-quality chips from different wood assortments and bamboo. The material is gripped horizontally by specially toothed feeding rollers and continuously fed to the chipping rotor. The knives of the rotor cut the material to the required chip length. The chipped material passes an individually adapted refractions grid. Capacity: 8-180 cubic meters per hour.

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Types KJBX218 KJBX2110 KJBX2113B KJBX2113C KJBX2116
Rotor diameter(mm) 800 1000 1300 1300 1600
Qty of knives(pc) 2 2*2 3*2 4*2 4*2
Inlet Dimension(mm) 225*680 330*1050 400*1050 400*1250 600*1250
Rotor Speed(rpm) 650 550 442 378 350
Max input diameter(mm)       160 190 240 250 310
Output chips length(mm) 30 30 32 24 30
Capacity(cubic meter/hour) 15-20 75 100 130 180
Main motor(kW) 132 220 315 450 710(10kv)
Machine weight(kgs) 7000 8000 16700 18000 32000
Machine dimension(mm) 4670*2150*1500  2850*2799*1497  3485*2350*1828   3485*5400*1862   4360*3150*2200 


How does the heavy-duty drum wood chipper work? Please watch the VIDEO